Stop the War Protesters Block Garages

Via the Echo:

Stop the War protesters blockade garages
Feb 25 2008 by Ben Schofield, Liverpool Daily Post

AROUND 3,000 cars were turned away from two Shell and BP petrol stations on Saturday, it was claimed last night.
Stop the War
In a joint protest by the TUC and the Stop the War Coalition, garages on Allerton Road and Islington were picketed to raise awareness of the oil giants’ policy towards Iraq.

Both Shell and BP are involved in plans to privatise Iraqi oil.

For three hours unionists advised drivers to fill up elsewhere and they claim to have turned away 80% of vehicles that arrived at the Shell garage and 99% of those who turned up at BP’s Islington forecourt.

Alec McFadden, president of Merseyside TUC said: “We chose Shell and BP because they are pushing for the privatisation of Iraq’s oil, which is opposed by Iraq’s unions.”

The protests come ahead of a visit to Liverpool by the head of the Iraqi oil workers’ union on an RMT-organised tour.

A spokesperson for BP said she doubted 3,000 cars would have gone through their garage during normal Saturday trading.

She added: “BP, like a number of other companies have been in talks with the Iraqi Government – that’s all we can say at the moment.”

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