Woman Attacked By Youths

Help the police find these lowdown scum.

Via the Daily Post:

Gang of youths attack woman

Feb 26 2008 by Richard Down, Liverpool Daily Post

A CAT lover was hit over the head with a glass bottle and then punched and kicked on the floor by a gang of youths.

The 40-year-old woman, who had gone out to feed a stray cat, suffered a fractured skull and serious facial injuries in the attack.

She found herself confronted by a group of up to 10 teenagers, aged between 15 and 17, on Curate Road, Anfield.

The woman was passing close to The Clubmoor Pub on Townsend Lane when one of the youths threw beer over her.

As she walked away she was followed down Curate Road by a group of eight youths.

Police report one of the girls in the group then hit the victim over the head with a glass bottle and the 40-year-old fell to floor. The rest of the group then kicked and punched her to the head and body before running away from Curate Road and on to Townsend Lane.

DCI Tim Keelan, said: “This was a cowardly attack and the victim was left very distressed by the experience. We have made a number of inquiries, but further information from the public is vital.

“During the attack the victim heard one of the group say ‘leave it’ just before they ran off. This indicates that someone in the group may have a conscience regarding this assault and I would urge that person, or other people in the group, to contact the police.”

The teenager who threw beer over the victim is described as a white male, about 17-years-old, around 5ft9, with a skinny build. He was wearing a black hat.

The teenager who hit the victim with the bottle is described as a white female, and about 15 to 16-years-old. She was slim and about 5ft tall with brown hair, which may have been tied up.

The victim also recalls she had ‘piercing’ blue eyes and was wearing black boots and a short pleated skirt possibly in cream with black lines in it.

Officers are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the attack to come forward. There were a number of people on the street when the assault took place and officers are appealing to them to come forward.

The attack took place at about 8pm in Anfield on Friday, February 8.

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