Come and meet the real Easter bunnies


Freshfields Bunny Bananza

Via the Echo:

Come and meet the real Easter bunnies

Mar 21 2008 by Helen Hunt, Liverpool Echo

AN ANIMAL charity is hosting an Easter “bunny bonanza” to rehome dumped pet rabbits.

Some were thrown in skips, some put in recycling bins and others were just dumped at the side of the road by owners who got fed up with them.

There are already more than 30 rabbits at Freshfields Animal Sanctuary and dozens more waiting for a place there.

Marge Albert, a trustee of Freshfields, said: “We have 30 to 35 bunnies at the sanctuary and another 70 waiting to get in. People get fed up with them. They’ve often been bought for children and people find that they haven’t got the time.

“There’ll be lots of events during the day, all on a bunny theme. People will be able to get free advice on looking after their own rabbit, there will be face painting and more.”

As well as rabbits, the sanctuary also has 200 cats, more than 70 dogs and an assortment of other pets, all in need of a home.

The number of abandoned pets is increasing and Ms Albert blames a “throw-away” society. She said: “I think it is getting worse. A couple of years ago, we had a couple of whippet puppies put in a carrier bag and thrown over the fence.

“Greyhounds that nobody wants are thrown over the wall.

“You wouldn’t believe what happens.”

The bonanza will be held at the sanctuary on East Lane in Ince Blundell between 12noon and 4pm on Easter Monday, March 24. Adults £1. Children 50p.

To make a donation or for more information call 0151-931 1604.

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