Darling's So Called 'Green' Budget…

Ah hello Darling… falls disappointingly short.

The whole thing felt like a token gesture and ‘green’ was only used because it has become a popular phrase to band about at the moment, but not to do anything about it.

The ‘green’ items in the budget:


– From 2009, major reform of the vehicle excise duty. For new cars from 2010, the lowest-polluting cars will pay no road tax in the first year. Higher-polluting cars will pay more.

– Funding set aside for road-pricing proposals.

– 2p increase in fuel duty is postponed until October this year.

For environmental reasons, fuel duty will rise by 0.5p per litre in real terms in 2010.

The usual increase in car tax but a higher tax on the gas guzzlers – two years from now.
And since the increase in tax on fuel doesn’t start until October – drive away !


– Laws will be introduced by 2009 to tax plastic bags if shops do not do more to charge for their use.

– £26m to help make homes greener.

– New non-domestic buildings to become zero-carbon from 2019.

– The government is asking the European Commission for tougher targets on car fuel emissions

– Consideration is being given to raising the UK target for emissions cuts to 80% by 2050.

So jumping on the plastic bag bandwagon but not with ways of finding alternatives to them, or to encourage recycling or promote permanent bags – hey stick a tax and make some money out of it !

And a drop in the ocean amount of spending on making homes greener. The Government will probably spend that on adverts telling you to make your home green. Another token gesture.

Non-domestic buildings to become zero-carbon from 2019 – why not start now ?

In all as I said (this is in my opinion, not of ScouseVeg by the way) very disappointingly short.

» BBC News – Budget 2008


Darling: Turning the UK green?
Analysis By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website

After all the advance publicity that Alistair Darling’s first Budget would have a green vein running inexorably through it, has the delivery matched the expectation?

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