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As mentioned the other day:

Liverpool Banksy ‘rat’ is saved

Campaigners have forced Liverpool Culture Company bosses to reverse their decision to cover a priceless Banksy after labelling it an eyesore.

There was a public outcry after it was announced that the graffitti was being censored to improve the look of the city as it prepares for 24 million culture mecca visitors.

Council chiefs were left red-faced after online groups and Channel 4 cult hero Justin Lee Collins joined the fight to save the artwork.

Britain’s biggest Banksy adorns The Whitehorse pub on the edge of the city’s China Town on Berry Street and is regularly snapped by tourists.

The then relatively underground artist spent a week on Merseyside daubing various buildings with his tag before he found world-wide fame with his politically charged images.

Bristol-based Banksy has since conquered the art world with his unique urban art exhibitions and counts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie amongst his fans.

He was commisioned to paint the derelict pub as part of Liverpool’s world-famous Biennial art programme in 2004.

Ill-informed council chiefs placed the giant rat holding a machine gun in their top ten grot spots but backed down after the public backlash and taken down the hoardings.

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More recycling news:

£13m plant to recycle rubbish to make roads

Mar 5 2008 by Mary Murtagh, Liverpool Echo

MERSEYSIDE’S rubbish and litter will be transformed into road building materials and fuel in a pioneering recycling project.

Later this month a new £13m recycling complex in Huyton will start processing 40,000 tonnes of waste a year, which would otherwise have ended up in landfill sites.

The plant is the first of its kind in the UK and uses cutting edge technology to extract all the recyclable material from bin collections and street litter before turning it into useful materials.

At the moment, the waste from households who refuse to recycle and put all their rubbish in their wheelie bin ends up going to landfill.

The new recycling complex is able to extract metals, glass, stone, mixed plastics, garden waste, food waste, paper and card from bin bags so it can be recycled.

The facility will save around £1.5m a year in waste disposal costs on Merseyside and has created 25 jobs.

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