Plastic Bags

Disused plastic bags are becoming a big problem.

Thirteen billion plastic bags are given away each year in the UK alone. Their production and disposal adds to CO2 emissions. And many contribute to pollution problems, and threaten wildlife.

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Also via the Guardian:

Brown may legislate against free plastic bags

Andrew Sparrow, senior political correspondent
Friday February 29 2008

Gordon Brown today signalled that he will use the law to stop supermarkets giving away free plastic bags within the next 12 months.

Supermarkets that do not voluntarily start charging customers for plastic bags are expected to be compelled to impose a levy of at least 5p a bag.

Ministers could impose the new regime using amendments to the climate change bill, which is currently going through parliament.

Brown made his pledge as the Guardian revealed that government departments handed out nearly one million branded plastic bags themselves, mostly in connection with publicity campaigns.

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Next one via the Torygraph:

Banksy ‘backs ban on plastic bags’

By Katie Franklin and agencies

Banksy, the secretive guerrilla artist, appears to have joined the growing campaign to ban plastic bags.

The graffiti artist is thought to have struck again overnight, leaving this image on the wall of a pharmacy in north London.

The new painting depicts two children pledging allegiance to supermarket giant Tesco.

A Tesco plastic bag flies in the place of a flag.


Banksy’s latest graffiti follows Gordon Brown’s warning last week that retailers may be forced to cut down on plastic bags if they do not do so voluntarily.

The Prime Minister has hailed the example of retailers such as Marks and Spencer, who has announced it will charge customers 5p for every carrier bag given out by its food stores.

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Local angle via the Daily Post:

Liverpool council leader wants shops to charge extra for plastic bags

Mar 10 2008 by Tina Miles

CITY leader Warren Bradley today called on all Liverpool shops to charge for carrier bags.

And he pledged to introduce a 5p cost for all plastic bags at council venues including St George’s Hall and the 08 Place.

Marks & Spencer this week became the first business in the country to start charging. And Cllr Bradley called on city shops to follow in its green footsteps to protect the environment.

He said: “I am calling on every business in the city to follow the example of Marks & Spencer and charge people for carrier bags as this will encourage everyone to recycle more.

“And of course I will be looking to introduce the same policy throughout the council.

“We won’t be able to use landfill sites forever, so this proposal will make sure everyone does their bit to help save the environment.”

About 13bn plastic bags are given out free by retailers to UK shoppers every year, and they take hundreds of years to decay.

Green campaigners estimate 97m plastic bags are used a year in Liverpool – the equivalent of 216 for every person in the city.

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