Freshfields Needs Your Help

An addendum to the RSPA Week item I just posted – it seems that the RSPCA have dropped the ball in the Merseyside area.

Due to a temporary closure of the RSPCA in Southport, there’s been additional pressure put upon Freshfields Animal Rescue to take in and look after all the abandoned animals.

But this increase is threatening their existence and they NEED YOUR HELP to survive.

From their website:

“Freshfields Animal Rescue may have to close if additional funds are not found.

Due to the temporary closure of the RSPCA in Southport, Freshfields has been put under additional pressure, with more requests to take animals than usual. We have not had any large legacy donations for some time and are now desperately in need of cash in order to stay open – can you help?

We will never destroy any animal that is well enough to receive veterinary treatment.

This policy sets us apart and we are proud of that, but we do need your donations to continue to help the number of sick, injured and unwanted animals that we currently take in.

The goal is to raise £80,000 as quickly as possible, this will get us out of financial danger and allow us to stay open. “

They are doing sponsored events which you can find more info at:

Please help them. Donate something, anything.

Freshfields animal rescue

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