Greenpeace protest at Unilever

Via the Echo:

Greenpeace protest at Unilever

Apr 21 2008 by Neil Hodgson, Liverpool Echo

UNILEVER’S Port Sunlight plant was targeted by 60 Greenpeace protesters this morning. (Mon April 21st)

Protesters at Unilever in Warrington

They infiltrated the home products site at 6.40am and chained themselves to supply lines and vats of palm oil.

They said Indonesian rainforests, the natural habitat of orang utans, were being destroyed to harvest palm oil.

Palm oil is used in the production of cleaning products made at the Port Sunlight site.

Some Greenpeace protesters clambered on top of the roof at the Wirral site dressed as orang utans.

Protester Sarah Shoraka, from Blackburn said the stunt stopped production at the plant.

She said: “We have people inside and outside. We are making a serious point because these rain forests are the last home habitat of these amazing creatures.

“Unilever is the single biggest user of palm oil, and they could make a big difference if they wanted to.

“We’re not asking them to stop using palm oil altogether, just to stay out of pristine rain forests.”

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