Vegan Environmental Awards 08 – Vote for us !

As you have seen via the banners above and below, ScouseVeg is nominated for a Vegan Environmental Award !

We need your vote.
Please read the latest update below and then please vote for ScouseVeg.

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Subject: Vegan Environmental Awards 08 – April Update


Thanks once again for voting in the Vegan Environmental Awards 008

With only 5 weeks to go until the close of voting, you still have the opportunity to vote this month and next month for your fave vegan people products, groups and organisations and projects – and there’s still some time to ask your friends, colleagues etc to vote too – helping spread the message of Livestock damage to a broader community, whilst also highlighting the best of the efforts of those who are working towards a cruelty free compassionate way of life

There’s a lot of close calls still – but here’s the current top 4 in each group, in no particular order, mind!!!!

Best Vegan Entertainers – Wonderpig, Benjamin Zephaniah, Rubber Ritchie, VeganBodybuilders

Best Vegan Publications – Lifescape, Outrage, Viva Life, The Vegan

Best Vegan Distributors – Marigold, Infinity, Suma, Essential

Best Vegan Campaigners – Pat from Veggies, Heather Mills, Andrew Tyler, Ingrid Newkirk

Best Dairy Alternatives – Bute Island Sheese, Plamil Mayonnaise, Booja Booja Stuff in a Tub, Swedish Glace Ice Cream

Best Vegan Shows and Events – Xmas without Cruelty, Incredible Veggie Roadshows, Any Hunt Sab day out, Bristol Vegan Fayre

Best Vegan Local Campaigning /Social Groups – Bristol Vegans, ScouseVeg, Vegan Campaigns London, Campaign for Eco Veganism
Vote now via:

Best Vegan Raw/Superfood Suppliers – DetoxYourWorld, Raw Chocolate Co, Total Raw Food, Yaoh

That’s the current top half in random order….there’s time still to change this though….so if your fave doesn’t appear, get them some votes!!!

The awards will be presented at the Bristol Vegan Fayre on June 1st at 3pm. Tickets for the BVF are now on sale from the BVF and Yaoh websites, and the programme and show specials booklet will be out shortly.

Thanks for voting

Vote for us

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