Another Vegan on Come Dine With Me

I spotted this article too late - the show aired last night (Thursday), but I found out that it will be repeated on Saturday.

The Channel 4 TV show Come Dine With Me, the one that our Niki starred on has changed format and is no longer a half hour programme on for five days. It’s been slimmed (budget cuts ?) down to a weekly one hour episode.

Good too see that it’s still going though and great to see Tony Wardle, one of the Viva! co-founders making an appearance. This is the 2nd vegan to be on the show. Let’s hope that they feature more vegetarians and vegans in the future.

Article via IcWales:

Dining out vegan style!

May 8 2008 Victoria Richards, South Wales Echo

VEGAN campaigner Tony Wardle knew he had his work cut out when he agreed to appear on Channel 4 reality TV show Come Dine With Me.

The father of three, 69, is the associate director and co-founder of animal campaign group Viva! and health charity Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation.

A vegan for the past eight years, he believes his diet is a healthy one and wanted to convince others too.

He said that he went on the reality TV show expecting a fight – but was pleasantly surprised by the open- mindedness of the other contestants, previously all strangers from South Wales, who took turns to cook each other meals in their homes and be scored on how they fared.

“It was a very boozy experience!” he said. “I’d never seen the programme before and I wouldn’t dream of doing it normally, but I saw it as an opportunity to talk about certain issues.

When you’re a vegan and you meet people, you’re never sure how they’re going to react and whether you’re going to have a battle on your hands….

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Additionally: Niki’s show will be repeated again his Sunday, on more4.

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