A raw food diet is not a vegan diet

Matt over at PETA Europe’s Blog is steaming. He wants to put the record straight on some inaccurate and sensationalist reporting about a woman and her children on a raw foods diet:

“Very, very angry this time..

So the Mail and the Independent printed an absurd story about a woman who fed her kids a nutritionally deficient, raw food diet. Okay, now that’s not unacceptable. Where I get angry is when they call it a VEGAN diet. C’mon, 99 percent of vegans eat cooked foods and every responsible medical and dietetic body in the world, including the British Dietetic Association, agrees that vegan diets are healthy for children and that studies indicate vegetarian and vegan kids tend to be healthier than meat-eating kids. They are far less likely to be overweight and are far more likely to eat their veggies, an essential part of good nutrition.

It has been reported on before about child obesity – relating to meat based diets – and there is no denying that the UK is going through an epidemic of childhood medical problems – this is happening daily yet one person doesn’t follow a diet properly and because people choose to see vegans/raw foodies as “holier than thou” for some bizarre reason, the article makes it into a national online newspaper (with a factually incorrect title I might add) What is this? Attack vegans month or something?

If this lady wanted to try to raise her kids on a raw diet – (although personally I think there’s no beating a cooked meal on a cold winter evening!) – shouldn’t she have done a better job of researching it? Rule one – if you are going to seriously take on a lifestyle – and raw food, vegan food, vegetarian living is a lifestyle, not a faddy diet – then the first step is to research – let’s face it, you wouldn’t drive a car without lessons, would unlikely be a genius with CRM’s, CMS’ or at CSS (Matt’s geekspeak!) without intensive training, you wouldn’t assume that something written in another language is the gospel truth without first understanding the language.. So why, OH WHY, would you have such a lax attitude towards implementing your dietary choice?

Anyway, are the Indy and the Mail in cahoots (or more likely, can you not find any other unhealthy vegans, guys – I mean c’mon??) Call me a cynic, but the whole thing smacks of poor observation of dietary requirements and an effort to somehow put down the vegan diet again, yawn…..zzzzzz

Your friendly ‘Knows 20+ year healthy vegans so there’ neighbourhood Matt “

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2 thoughts on “A raw food diet is not a vegan diet

  • 25th June 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Thanks for this, do you see where I’m coming from though..

    First – the mail prints the story, then the independent a week later, same family almost like they’re trying to trick people into thinking this is commonplace.

    How many times have I heard of meat-eater friends having to take weeks off from food poisoning, people dying from eating contaminated meat, through neglect of their diet.

    It really riles me when the truth is hidden!

  • 29th June 2008 at 12:05 pm

    I just read the Indy piece. How ironic for a newspaper called the Independent to be very biased and ill-informed on this matter. It certainly does border on sensationalism. I think the only reason they stressed the vegan thing in the title was for a snappy headline.


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