Introducing the Newsfeeds…

» Added a new section to the website. It is a collection of news headlines from some websites I visit and scan for any articles of interest to ScouseVeggie’s.

The ScouseVeg News Feeds

I wanted to find any news websites that have the latest veggie,vegan, etc.. news from a UK perspective, but sadly there isn’t much out there.
What I have found though is…

Fish and Chimps – PETA’s European Blog, which does as it says on the tin – items about any animal rights issues around the E.U.

World Vegetarian and Vegan News on Blogspot, run by Tony Bishop-Weston of Foods for Life. Occasionally updated.

IVU (International Vegetarian Union) news via Yahoo Groups, items of interest posted there.

ActiVeg – UK vegan and vegetarian news round ups.

Animal Aid – latest on campaigns and animal abuse cases.

Further afield…

Animal Concerns News Service – collects all news articles concerning animal rights and vegetarian issues.

Google News – Vegetarian, Vegan – search results.
. . .

These are the sites included so far, more to be added.

– If you know of a website, if you visit a place often which you think should be included on the Newsfeed section then drop us a line.
Please note though… the website has to have an RSS feed (look for this icon: ) to be added.

One thought on “Introducing the Newsfeeds…

  • 20th June 2008 at 4:01 pm

    Even more exciting is that I, Matt, am in charge of the Fish and Chimps blog until the 30th, whilst Alexia is away!

    Should prove to be an interesting week! 🙂


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