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Feelgood Handbags:

Feelgood Handbags

– A few snippets from their bio:

“Feelgoodhandbags is an animal friendly company, dedicated to bringing about an awareness of non-animal exploitative products by providing charming and elegant alternatives to leather….

We had been looking for alternatives to leather for quite some time, when we came across the beautiful bags created by the Californian designer, Susan Onofrey. There has been an absence of quality and fashionable alternatives to leather in the past. This designer has managed to produce a timeless and elegant quality in her handbags by creatively using faux leather, fur and suede, combined with natural materials…

English Retreads has been added to the list of quality handbags. Very fashionable. Created by recycling inner tubes from trucks, A great new addition. Environmentally friendly and creatively designed by Heather English…

Feelgoodhandbags are produced without the use of animal products.”

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