New McCartney Track For Adopt-A-Minefield

Spotted this via the NME:

Paul McCartney to give away song at ‘virtual party’

Sir Paul McCartney is hosting a virtual dinner party, guests of which will get an exclusive new song to download.

Fans are being invited to log on to tomorrow (June 5) and register as guests for the event.

Those who donate over $25 (£13) to the Adopt-a-Minefield campaign will be able to download a new song, ‘Lifelong Passion (Sail Away)’.

Recipes by chef Jamie Oliver will be available on the website. The event is being organised to raise money and awareness for the aforementioned Adopt-A-Minefield charity.

The charity clears arable land of minefields in poor countries to allow farmers to use the land for growing food.

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It doesn’t actually say if the Jaime Oliver menu will be a vegetarian one, but I would think so.I’ll be checking tomorrow to see.

Update: Just checked Sir Paul’s site and yes it is.

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