The Vegetable Orchestra

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you… The Vegetable Orchestra:

Found via Noise Addicts:

The Vegetable Orchestra performs on instruments made of fresh vegetables.

The utilization of various ever refined vegetable instruments creates a musically and aesthetically unique sound universe. The Vegetable Orchestra was founded in 1998. It consists of 11 musicians, a sound engineer and a video artist. Based in Vienna, the Vegetable Orchestra plays concerts in Europe and Asia. From time to time workshops are given – on how to manufacture an instrument or on musical topics.

There are no musical boundaries for the Vegetable Orchestra. The most diverse music styles fuse here – contemporary music, beat-oriented House tracks, experimental Electronic, Free Jazz, Noise, Dub, Clicks’n’Cuts – the musical scope of the ensemble expands consistently, and recently developed vegetable instruments and their inherent sounds often determine the direction.

… as an encore at the end of the concert and the video performance, the audience is offered fresh vegetable soup.

Link: vegetableorchestra.org

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