Jay Davé Is In Canada

…and he’s been busy:

Hello everyone,
Jay Davé
“As some of you may know I’ve been living and working in Vancouver since last October.

Vancouver is amazing for being vegan and vegetarian. There are many exclusive veggie and vegan places to eat out and shop in.

I’m working on a mini series called “Veggie In Vancouver”. It’s aimed at promoting vegetarianism and veganism through the positive example of Food and day-to-day way of life that vegetarian and veganism is for many people.

I’ve created VeggieWorld, a site that will be used to categorise places by City and have video guides for a particular city. It’ll also have further information about each video guide/particular show such as a map and location of a eatery, close ups of food and embedded link of the video.

VeggieWorld : http://www.veggieworld.org.uk/

The video channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/VeggieWorld

I’ve only (last night) put the Video up for Gorilla Food, a vegan organic raw food eatery in downtown Vancouver. If you want to see what it’s like and see some great examples of raw food then check out
both parts on the video channel:


There will be more shows appearing in the next week or so (I’ve got three to edit up yet, and filming a couple this week).”

» Jay Davé.com

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