Man dies on first day of bull-running festival

Yet another death with the running of the bulls in Spain:

Man dies on first day of bull-running festival

PAMPLONA: A young man died after falling from a wall during the first day of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona yesterday. San Fermin is Spain’s most famous bull-running festival.

Police were investigating what had caused the man, who had no identification on him, to fall from a historic wall in the centre of the town, the mayor’s office said.

Another 89 people suffered minor injuries, the Spanish Red Cross said, adding that five were taken to hospital.

Earlier yesterday thousands of people dressed in white and wearing traditional red scarves gathered in Consistorial Square to watch the chupinazo, an event during which fireworks are set off to herald the start of nine days of festivities in the town.

Several hundred animal rights activists protested at the opening of the festival, criticising the cruelty they say takes place during the festivities.

Protesters lay down along the route of the bull run on Saturday, covered in fake blood and bearing placards asking for the “abolition of bullfighting”, and saying: “Bulls die a bloody death in Pamplona.”

The festival features a range of concerts, street parties and dances as well as bullfights and the running of the bulls when six bulls are released in the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town.

The run takes place over an 850m course at 7am each day, with the runners trying to stay close to the bulls without falling over or being gored.

With yesterday’s fatality the event has now left 15 people dead since 1911.

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