Mars USA Funding Tests On Animals ?

Last year we had extensive coverage of the Mars debacle.

Quick reminder for those too lazy to click the link: Masterfoods, the makers of Mars products decided to change their recipes and include ingredients from animals. [Namely rennet] and this decision provoked a massive outcry and because of this Mars backed down and issued an apology. But still left some confusion on which bars had rennet and which didn't.

We thought that Masterfoods (Mars) had learnt their lesson with trying to involve anything to do with animals with their food.

But sadly not.

Alexia over at Fish & Chimps: PETA Europe’s Blog reports on a petition sent to Mars in the UK urging them to stop their U.S counterparts from funding experiments on animals:

Mars Swap-Shop: This Chocolate Bar for That Rabbit’s Life

More than 5,000 petition slips have been sent to the UK branch of Mars in a bid to get the company in the US to stop funding painful and deadly tests on mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. What really rattles us and is that these experiments aren’t even required by law and violate Mars’ own written policy…

… in a letter sent with the petitions, we urge Mars to forward the slips to the company’s US president and ask if similar tests are being conducted in the UK. And this is something we would all want to know about, as PETA US discovered that just a handful of tests which Mars has funded include:

• Rabbits forced to eat high-cholesterol diets with cocoa. Later, the animals were killed, and the primary blood vessels connected to their hearts were removed and examined.
• Rats force-fed through plastic tubes, which were shoved down their throats. Then the rats were cut open and killed.
• Plastic tubes were surgically attached to guinea pigs’ carotid arteries, and cocoa ingredients were injected into their jugular veins.

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