Stop Wasting Food sez Brown

“Eat up yer dinner or you’ll not get any pudding”

Via the Beeb:

‘Stop wasting food’, urges Brown

Britons must stop wasting food in an effort to help combat rising living costs, Gordon Brown has said as world leaders discuss rising prices

The PM said “unnecessary” purchases were contributing to price rises, and urged people to plan meals in advance and store food properly.

A government study says the UK wastes 4m tonnes of food every year, adding £420 to a family’s shopping bills.

Food prices and the world economy are to dominate the G8 summit in Japan.

The gathering also gave Mr Brown a chance to hold his first bilateral meeting with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and raise recent “difficult issues” between the two nations.

The Cabinet Office report claims that up to 40% of food harvested in developing countries can be lost before it is consumed, due to the inadequacies of processing, storage and transport.


The food policy study also says the average UK household throws away £8 of leftovers a week, yet spends 9% of its income on food.

But there is a significant gap between the poorest tenth of the population, who spend 15% and the wealthiest, who pay out 7%.

Those on lower incomes also spend proportionally more on basics such as milk, eggs and bread – foods that have seen the biggest price rises in recent months.

According to the 10-month study, British families are throwing away a total of 4.1m tonnes of perfectly good food every year, costing each about £420 annually.

It also concludes more research is needed into whether the production of biofuels will cause food prices to increase further.

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