The Reluctant Vegetarian

» Here’s one to watch… if it is continually updated…

You see nearly 80% of blogs are abandoned after the first month of creation. I hope in this case that it will keep going because I’d like to keep up with the progress.

The Reluctant Vegetarian is a blog by an unnamed wife who’s husband one day decided to be a vegetarian.

The Reluctant Vegetarian

As she explains on the About page;

one day my husband woke up and decided he wanted to be a vegetarian.

i had a choice to make. i could either continue on my merry meat-eating habits, making two lovely dinners each night. or. i could become a vegetarian with him…at home.

i chose the latter. the thought of cooking twice the fun each night was terrifying. and there i was pushed, reluctantly, into becoming a vegetarian.

it would seem that the story ends here. but it doesn’t. did i mention i’m a lactard? Lactose intolerant who also hates cheese? yep. and so the journey begins. to find tasty treats that both the hubby and i can eat.

this is our journey. into becoming veggies.

I’ve subscribed to her RSS Feed. As I said I hope that they keep up with the vegetarian diet and with posting updates.

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