Win a Pair of Vegan Designer Shoes

(Niki's on alert now) "What ? shoes ? vegan ? gimmie !"

Alexia over at Fish and Chimps let us know about a competition that PETA are running.

They’ve got three pairs of designer shoes from Georgette vegan shoes to give away.

All you have to do is go over here and fill in the form.

Georgette is run by twin sisters Katleen and Liesbet, who are self-confessed fashion addicts, and we couldn’t be happier to team up with them to help you dress with fashion finesse.

So, what’s the deal with leather?

The meat industry would like to have us think that leather is a small and unimportant by-product of slaughtering animals for food, but this is not true. Farmers earn more than just a few pennies on leather: leather pulls in a hefty £600 million per year in the UK alone!

And cows aren’t the only animals who suffer for the leather and fashion industries. Exotic skins are regularly found on catwalks and celebrities’ bodies. Every year, the leather industry claims the lives of millions of snakes, alligators, seals, zebras and other beautiful animals.

But what’s a girl or guy to do? First, vow never to buy leather again. Second, go shopping! Cruelty-free shoes and accessories are widely available, and there’s no need to forfeit style for a dash of compassion.

The pleather used to make Georgette shoes is soft, durable and kind to the environment, and the styles are simply to die for. Working together with small family-run companies in Italy and Spain, Georgette produces exclusive collections made from the best non-leather and eco-friendly materials, including natural fabrics and luxurious Italian faux leathers. Choose from slinky sky-scraping heels, cute ballerina pumps, sexy knee-length boots and more – all in a range of colours and always in fashion.

» PETA compo page

» Georgette Shoes (Flash site, has sound, doesn’t work with Firefox)

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