Ask Metafilter: Vegan Questions

– A couple of vegan questions posted on AskMeFi:

Veganize my love affair with dairy products…

“How to veganize my love affair with dairy products? And can I do it in a high-protein manner?”

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From non-vegan to vegan.

“What’s your favorite tasty, filling vegan snack?

When it comes to dinner, I’m strictly small-portion and low-cal. Some lettuce, a handful of nuts, and a few pieces of dried fruit do the trick. But I tend to supplement this with a hot snack, generally a few slices of non-vegan cheese melted on toast. I’m anxious to convert this last dish into a vegan snack.

What filling, satisfying vegan snacks can you recommend as a substitute for the the toast-and-cheese?”

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2 thoughts on “Ask Metafilter: Vegan Questions

  • 27th August 2008 at 12:44 pm

    Hi all

    Thanks for all your lovely comments re me being on come dine with me! great to see its on again!!! Ian didnt go totaly veggie or vegan but he cut right down on his dairy etc so he is on the right road, he also moved to spain but we keep in touch via email. :0)

    cheers Niki :0)


  • 27th August 2008 at 2:36 pm

    Hi Niki, nice to see you on the website, have you got Ian’s e-mail? My brother thinks he remembers him from school…also, did you keep in touch with any of the other three from the programme? cheers, Lynz x


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