A Tale Of Two Cats

Sorry for the pun. – I spotted two cat related articles and posting both of them here to show the different side of things.

First one via the Echo:

Court hears of sick film of boy torturing cat

Sep 9 2008 by Kevin Core, Liverpool Echo

A TEENAGER filmed a friend swinging a cat around by its tail and launching it into the air, a court heard.

The 13-year-old, who is too young to be named, was identified only when the footage was unwittingly shown to the pet’s owner.

The schoolboy could be heard giggling throughout the recording of the sickening attack when the mobile phone clip was played to Wirral magistrates yesterday.

He was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

On the video, his accomplice, who pleaded guilty to the same offence in June, can be seen pouncing on the animal and holding it down in a Bromborough street.

He then picked up the Bengal cat, named Thai, by the tail, swung it around and aimed a kick at its head as he launched it into the air.

The cat could be heard to screech in pain throughout.

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Next one via Fish and Chimps: PETA Europe’s Blog:

Boy Faces ASBO Searching for Lost Cat

“Losing a companion animal can nowadays give you more than heartache and countless sleepless nights, waiting for them to return. Thirteen-year old Daniel Cope from Kent was faced with an ASBO of £80 under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act for putting up posters to find his cat in his local neighbourhood. This is often the first thing people do when finding a companion animal has gone missing, but the demand from the community warden was firm: Tear the posters down or be fined. Milly, the family cat has been missing for two weeks now, after falling out of the family home’s window.”

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