Child and Animal Abuse – The Worrying Link That Won’t Go Away

Via Fish and Chimps: PETA Europe’s Blog –

Here’s a program you won’t want to miss – on BBC Radio 4 tonight (Tues 23rd Sept) at 8pm, ‘File on 4? examines the link between child and animal abuse – a worrying subject, and one that concerns the PETA Foundation a great deal.

The link between all abuse – by people of all ages, against people and animals of all ages – has been documented throughout history and one only has to look at the headlines each day to see the connection. Animal abuse shows a deep mental disturbance in the abuser. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals don’t stop there (as if that wasn’t bad enough). Many move onto make humans their victims and it is thought that animals make the perfect “practice” victims as they can do little to fight back. Cruelty to animals, if left unchecked can escalate and it’s something that all people should be aware of.

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