A Clarification About Yesterday's Post…

I posted a news item in which it was reported that a Liverpool branch of McDonald’s had images of the Beatles on their walls.

Sadly some of the tabloids have sensationalized the item by writing: “Sir Paul McCartney calls for McDonald’s boycott”. When he actually didn’t.

The articles go on to contradict their own headlines and then quote Sir Paul’s “spokesman” :
“Geoff Baker, a spokesman for Sir Paul said: …”It’s ridiculous and insulting to use images to peddle hamburgers. Fans should boycott Mcdonald’s, and not just in Liverpool.”

As the Abbeyrd Beatles Page points out Geoff Baker hasn’t been in the employ of Paul McCartney since 2004.
They write:

According to an email Abbeyrd’s Beatles Page received from Baker, he was contacted by Liverpool’s Mercury Press Agency on Monday and asked for a quote. It was the press agency that falsely labeled him as press spokesman, a label, which, in turn, was picked up by other publications. McCartney’s UK press representative confirmed his quotes were “not an official comment!”.

There was also a comment from a “PETA Spokeswoman” but none of the tabs name who that was.
She says:

“(Sir Paul) became a vegetarian after watching lambs play in a field outside his home and surely would not want anyone to use his likeness to help promote meat. We hope anyone who sees his picture on the wall will be reminded that he’s a vegetarian and skip the Big Mac for a veggie burger.”

So the call to boycott quote came more from the imagination of a tabloid editor rather than an actual McCartney or PETA source.

But I still say boycott. Not just because of the pictures and the Big Mac thing, but because of their factory farming, because of the destruction of forests just so cows can graze before being slaughtered.

One thought on “A Clarification About Yesterday's Post…

  • 12th October 2008 at 10:12 pm

    wow a tabloid actually said something good- boycott Mc D’s.
    That’s gotta be a first!! 🙂


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