North Wales Police use stun gun on stray sheep

Via the Evening Leader:

North Wales Police use stun gun on stray sheep

Published Date: 03 October 2008

A FATHER and daughter were left distressed after witnessing police officers using a taser gun on a sheep that had wandered onto a dual carriageway.

Mark Faulkes, 47, of Flint, was driving along the A55 at about 2.50pm on Wednesday, with his 13-year-old daughter Amy, when they came across a traffic jam.

The Flintshire had got as far as the marble church near Bodelwyddan when they noticed that all the traffic had stopped, because there was a sheep in the road.

Mr Faulkes said: “Everyone had stopped their cars and a few people had got out and were trying to herd the sheep away from the carriageway.

“The police then arrived and they went towards the sheep, but it moved away from them.

“Then one of the officers got out his taser gun and fired it at the sheep, then he carried it to the side of the carriageway.”

Mr Faulkes said that he had to leave the scene quickly when the road was cleared, because the incident had upset his daughter.

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The article continues with the police claiming that it was a dangerous ram that was running about on the motorway. The Evening Leader adds their own opinion at the end of the article saying that electrocuting this ram was a good thing.

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