Niki’s Media Domination Continues…

I’ve said before… if she’s left unchecked Niki will take over the world…

(For those of you who have just joined us).

A long time ago in a Channel 4 far away, there lived a telly programme called: “Come Dine With Me”.

Now this TV show was originally done over 5 episodes at about half an hour each, with the premise being that each contestant would cook a meal for their fellow contestant. Then the next night another contestant would have their turn and the others would come over and after eating the meal, mark them out of 10.

In 2006 we got an email from Channel 4 asking if there were any Liverpool based vegans or veggies that would like to appear on a upcoming Liverpool week.

ScouseVeggie’s very own Niki O’Leary popped up and said she’ll have a go. It is a good opportunity to promote veganism and to show the world that veggies and vegans are not weirdo’s but yer normal folk.

(Niki ? Normal..?! Anyway carry on…)

After the Liverpool week was broadcast and Niki’s appearance the ScouseVeg website received tons of comments and emails.

We still do. Each time the episodes are repeated more messages are received.

As well as this Niki still gets calls from various media outlets and last month “Woman” magazine did a 2 page feature article about the show (highlighting the “celebrities” that appear) but also including the normal people who appeared previously.

Niki was one of those interviewed and you can download a PDF scan of the article via here. PDF File

» If you don’t want to download it here’s a plain version of Niki’s bit:

‘I wanted to create more vegans’

Niki's bit

Nikki O’Leary, 38, from Liverpool

When I agreed to appear on the show, I hadn’t even seen it. They asked me because I’m a member of a cooking society in Liverpool called ‘Scouse Veg’. I’ve been a vegan for seven years, and the main reason I did Come Dine With Me was to promote cooking without meat or dairy products. But when I heard how your guests get to have a good nose around your home, I got really nervous!

Luckily, my fellow diners were a great bunch and we got on really well. We even had a reunion on the night the show was aired. I didn’t win, but it was never about that for me. I’ve been absolutely delighted by the response to my cooking. Every time the show’s repeated, I get emails from viewers wanting to learn more about vegetarian or vegan cooking.

Ian, who was on the show with me, works at an upmarket restaurant in Liverpool. Since meeting me, he’s added some vegan dishes to the menu. We’re great friends and often have dinner at each other’s house. Ian won the show, so I know I’m going to get a great meal!

Niki with two k’s…? 38 years… she’s late 20’s and staying there !

But the worst of this sloppy reporting was this:

…”because I’m a member of a cooking society in Liverpool called ‘Scouse Veg’. “

We’ll sue we will !     *grumbles*…cooking society…