Daltrey vs PETA

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PETA Fires Back At Daltrey’s Animal Rights Rant

Daltrey v PETA

Animal rights advocates have hit back at THE WHO rocker ROGER DALTREY after he criticised the public for donating money to animal charities instead of young cancer patients.

The singer claims he is struggling to raise cash for his Teenage Cancer Trust Foundation, because so much charity cash goes to animal causes.

He recently accused the British public of turning their backs on stricken kids, saying, “It is a blot on our society when, if these teenagers had four legs and fur or feathers we would raise the money in a year. It’s tragic and it makes me want to fight even harder.”

But campaigners at animal rights charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are shocked by Daltrey’s outburst – insisting humans and animals’ lives could be saved, if people became vegetarian.

PETA boss Ingrid Newkirk tells WENN, “Daltrey’s heart seems closed not only to the idea of the importance of kindness to animals but the common sense realisation that helping animals avoid the slaughterhouse by going vegetarian greatly reduces the chance of colon, breast and other forms of cancer, as well as heart disease.

“Of course, we have the capacity to care for more than one species and one problem at a time, but if people want to put all their money into cancer research PETA has a list of cancer charities which use 21st Century research methods instead of clinging to old fashioned animal tests.”

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