10 Green Projects That Just Might Save the World

Siadar Wave Energy Project, Hebrides

Scottish Wave Project

Given the UK’s status as an island nation, you’d think our shores would be awash with wave farms – power stations that harness the power of the sea to generate energy. Although that’s not quite the case, there are signs that we are catching on, with the Siadar Wave Energy Project (SWEP) being just one great example. Jointly developed by the Scottish government and wave energy experts Wavegen, SWEP will produce 4MW of electricity when it’s complete in 2011 – enough to power 1,800 Scottish homes on the Western Isles of Lewis and Harris. The plant will be part of a wider Scottish initiative that aims to produce 5.5GW of energy using renewables.

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10 Species Near Extinction

Polar Bear

Polar bears

Number remaining: fewer than 25,000
Human development and poaching have long threatened the polar bear, but climate change and the loss of sea ice are now pushing it onto the critical list.

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Top 10 Crap Jobs

Rodent Exterminator
Hours: 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Wages: $5.15 per hour
Drawbacks: Disgusting, Immoral

It was hopeless miscasting — a full-on animal rights activist and vegetarian getting paid to skulk around an airplane hangar-sized shed stuffed with squawking, filthy, terrified chickens, looking for rats to kill.

My weapon was the latest advance in biological warfare (for 1980): a hammer. How was I going to catch — let alone kill — a rat? I was at least 50 pounds overweight and had no reserves of energy whatsoever. My only hope was if an arthritic, senile rat hobbled up to me and asked me to put him out of his misery. Suicidal rats with a good command of English are pretty thin on the ground though.

After about 15 minutes I’d had enough. I dropped the hammer and walked into the autumn rain. The boss hollered at me as I trudged across the field, “Wuzza Matter? You chicken or summink?” I couldn’t even be bothered to figure out if he was intentionally trying to be funny.

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