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Just before the start of National Vegetarian Week (which ran from May 18th – 24th, 2009) the O’Leary clan [Ray, Jane and Niki, below in photo's taken by Matt] guested on Simon O’Brien’s radio show to promote the week and to cook him a vegan breakfast.

Ray Jane and Niki

Why a vegan breakfast when it was vegetarian week ? Take a listen to the both segments of the show to find out:

» Part 1
(64k mono mp3 – 10min:36secs / 4.85MB)

» Part 2
(12min:35secs / 5.75MB)

Thanks, as always to Brian Rogers for the files.

Simon O'Brien on City Talk

This isn’t the first time an O’Leary has been on the radio, in fact I think it is the third 4th time for Niki ! – Previous appearances here.

AND… ! Ray and Jane went a bit upmarket a while ago when they appeared on BBC Radio Merseyside.

Give them their own show, that’s what I say.

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