Vegan Freak Radio

Get your (vegan) freak on the (online) radio:

Vegan Freak – The website.

Is run by…

Bob & Jenna Torres

“We’re Bob and Jenna Torres, two long-time vegans who like to use our skills and talents to provide vegans and aspiring vegans with support, community, and entertainment. We do this in a few ways:

– We wrote a book to help you go vegan, stay vegan, and deal with life around non-vegans.

– We host an online radio show that currently gets thousands of downloads each week at Vegan Freak Radio.

– We blog about living as a vegan in a world of omnivores at Vegan Freak Blog.

Vegan Freak Radio – The podcasts.

One of the Vegan Freak Radio Podcast shows is below:

Vegan Freak Radio
original site.)

*Heads up* Lots of the use of the word beginning with F and ending with uck used in the podcast.

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