Pro-Hunt Vandals Attack Lush Stores

Via the Independent:

Vandals target anti-hunting Lush

Fox Hunting… In the past week, the cosmetics chain Lush has seen its branches vandalised and its staff threatened, immediately after it launched an anti-fox hunting campaign. In Chelmsford, Essex, a man returned to the same store on three occasions to knock over a display of Fabulous Mrs Fox bubble bars, the proceeds from which Lush donates to the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA). Staff called police.

Store manager Sue McKenna said: “He first came in on Tuesday, knocked over all the bubble bars and leaflets, and said he was going to come back every day until the campaign stops. Then he ran out. When he came back the third time, an off-duty police officer was in the shop, who told him to leave. It was then that we rang 999.”

In Manchester, members of the HSA had been invited to the Lush store to help with the campaign and hand out leaflets. But a few days before the event, a man entered the shop and told a member of staff that “there will be trouble” if it went ahead. Staff contacted police, and were relieved when the event on Saturday passed without incident.

In Maidstone, Kent, a kebab was smeared over the shop front and the words ‘F*ck You’ scratched into the glass, while in Taunton, Somerset, an anonymous caller told staff to “watch their backs”. Promotional campaign blackboards were also covered with “Keep Hunting” stickers, photos of which appeared on the online forum of the magazine Horse & Hound.

… The Countryside Alliance had previously criticised Lush for supporting the HSA, saying it “advocates direct action and illegal methods to disrupt hunting activities”. Head of media Tim Bonner said: “While we support the view that everyone has their right to an opinion, there are groups who legally oppose hunting, and the HSA is not one of them.”

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Lush Cosmetics shop staff voice fox-hunting anger

STAFF at a York cosmetics store donned home-made fox ears and tails to highlight claims that hunting foxes continues throughout England, despite it being illegal.

The front of Lush Cosmetics in Coney Street has been emblazoned with the words “The hunts are still at it”, with the same thing happening at the company’s other 88 shops across the UK. The messages will be removed later this week.

The events were part of a new campaign Lush has launched against hunting foxes, in support of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, which uses peaceful means in a bid to protect hunted animals.

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