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It’s always nice to be noticed and thanks to a link back to ScouseVeg, we found a couple of reviews on QuarryGirl.com (a website with vegan news and reviews) about The Egg Cafe and Yuet Ben restaurant, both here in the Liverpool city centre.

miss anthrope from Quarry Girl spent a day and a night in Liverpool and after reading the info about The Egg on our website, visited and then posted photos and a review about the vegetarian and vegan restaurant:

“…my husband went for a curry-inspired dish: the vegan tandori mushrooms with creamy sauce.
the white yogurty sauce was so convincing, we had to go double check it was vegan! all of it was quite excellent. the tandori mushrooms were plump and well seasoned. they were bright red and had the same flavor as tandori chicken of the same color. they also came with pita and side salads. it all wrapped up very nicely as a curry mushroom sandwich.

overall, the egg cafe was a great find. all the food was good, and some of it was downright excellent. for vegans in liverpool, this place is a must visit. the atmosphere is pretty awesome too….”

» Read the full review and look at some delicious photographs.

Additionally: Check out this very lyrical review posted by shep last June.

They also visited the Yuet Ben Restaurant in Duke Street which serves authentic Northern Chinese cuisine, but more importantly – they have a separate dedicated vegetarian menu. This is what miss anthrope had to say about their visit:

“… i found out about yuet ben from the must-read vegan liverpool website, scouseveg.co.uk. scouse veg is a great resource and gives the lowdown on all the veg-friendly places in the city. that is after all, where i read about the awesome egg cafe. i was stoked to visit yuet ben’s website and find that they had an entirely separate vegetarian/vegan menu that was simple yet appetizing. on our one night in liverpool a couple of months ago, we decided to put the chips and curry on hold and dine at yuet ben for a dinner of vegan chinese food….

…naturally we ordered off the vegetarian menu, and let our waiter know that we were vegans. he totally understood and assured us that none of our food would contain animal stock, eggs or dairy. he even brought us vegetarian chili sauce—i can only imagine the “normal” chili sauce has fish in it. yuck….

…so vegans, when in liverpool, think twice before you fill up on fatty chips and mushy peas. save room for some delicious vegetarian chinese food, and check out a historical piece of street art [Banksy's rat]while you are at it.

» Read the full review here.

Thank you for visiting miss anthrope. We love your website too.

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One thought on “QuarryGirl.com Review Some Liverpool Veggie Restaurants

  • 1st December 2009 at 6:36 am

    thank you so much for linking back to my post! i can’t even tell you how valuable you were to me when i visited liverpool.

    we will be back to visit again in 2010, so i look forward to checking out your site again very soon.

    if you ever come to LA, please do say hello!


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