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An important message from Hanna:

“Dear all at ScouseVeg and everybody else whose cares about our precious planet!

A little while ago we got inspired by Sir Paul McCartney and his daughters launch of the Meat Free Monday campaign here in the UK.

Although being long time vegetarians/vegans, we thought this campaign was an excellent idea to tell people what kind of devastating effect meat and fish consumption has on the planet and that, how through such an easy action of not eating meat for just one day a week, they could drastically reduce their own generated Green House Gas emissions.

We have now started the Meat Free Monday North West campaign and also have now our own website for further information:

Please join us, lobby your councillors, get your friends, family and neighbours interested, ask your favoured cafes and restaurants, schools… to serve only plant based food on Meat Free Monday, help us to make a difference.”

Support Meat Free Monday
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