New Shop: Honest To Goodness [Updated]

We here at ScouseVeg like to do everything we can to help any local business which is veggie/vegan related and we have an opportunity to do that by telling you about a new shop just opened over the water called Honest To Goodness:

Honest To Goodness - Hoylake

Honest To Goodness is an ethical grocery shop and everything they stock is vegan and ethically sourced.

They are at 33 Market Street, Hoylake and are open: Mon-Wed: 9 – 6 , Thurs 9 – 8 , Fri-Sat: 9 – 6 , Sun 12 – 6.


They don’t have a website, so for now we’ve created a page for them where you can view more details including some photographs of the shop, plus map and directions.

Go to: for more.

– If you’ve visited tell them that ScouseVeg sent you and let us know what you think of the place. What do they have there ? Would you recommend it to other veggie/vegans ?

Please post your comments about the shop at :

4 thoughts on “New Shop: Honest To Goodness [Updated]

  • 25th December 2009 at 1:24 pm

    Hey all, check this shop out, its fab :0) no checkign labels, its like a mini Unicorn but lots of sugar!!! mmmm ice cream, chocolate! all you need in one shop! please check them out and support this vegan business..xx

  • 7th January 2010 at 9:42 am


    Visited this shop this week (before the snow came down!!!)
    2 great guys there, very knowlegable, keen and passionate. Good range of organic, veggie and vegan products ( though no polony yet….)
    I hope they do well and I wil support them as much as I can as I hope others will too. Great for Wirral.


  • 1st February 2010 at 4:24 pm

    Nice, clean and very tidy shop, but no Fry’s Polony, although they are working on it!
    Other than that, they are very helpful and friendly and they are expanding their range. Love it and wish them well.

  • 13th February 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Called in today – and left with loads of stuff.
    Very nice setup, excellent display and stock.
    It’ll be a regular part of our Wirral visits.
    Hope all Wirral vegans give them full support.

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