ScouseVeg Gallery Updated

Gallery Pics

The ScouseVeg Picture Gallery has just been updated.
New images added including pics from various get-togethers, parties, events and so on.

Just added are some pics taken by Matt from the recent ScouseVeg Xmas party.
A couple of them are below:
[nggallery id=11]

A guide to the Gallery:

ScouseVeg Meetings
Pics from the monthly gatherings. Takes place the first Friday of every month. Everyone is invited.

Pics from various fundraising events that ScouseVeg has participated in. Such as the Xmas Fayre.

A trip to Hibre Island. (Wasn’t that released as a single in the 90’s…?)

Come Dine With Me
Screencaps from Niki’s appearance on the show

Does as it says on the tin. Various pics from summer and winter parties.

Do you have any pics for the gallery ? If you do bang them over to us via scouseveg [at]

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