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Neutering Animals In Sefton

Dog and cat

An Appeal:

On Sunday 28th March five people from the North West will be taking part in the Liverpool half marathon to raise money for a new project called Neutering Animals In Sefton.

In the UK at least 30,000 dogs are destroyed every year and in the North West we have one of the worst areas in the country.

As a group we have over 10 years experience in animal rescue work and from that we have learnt that neutering is the one thing we can do to combat this problem.

Our aim is to offer people of Merseyside on low incomes affordable neutering for their pets, including transport to and from the vet.

We aim for this race to raise £1000 so are asking people to donate what they can to help us reach our target.

Please email me for info on how to donate: ernestjosephuk [at] yahoo.co.uk

Thanks for your support,
Neutering Animals In Sefton.

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