Vegan Beauty Therapy

Vegan Beauty Therapy

A note from Niki:

A recommended beautician and all treatments are suitable for vegans, with Debra herself being vegan:

Beauty Therapy by Debra O’Brian

“We specialise in natural face and body treatments, including massage and complementary therapies. we do not make false claims or promises, we take a realistic view of what the treatments offer.

We only employ highly qualified and skilled therapists, selected for their caring approach and commitment to our natural methods.

Our exclusive plant based products are cruelty free and do not contain any harsh or reactive chemicals. we aim to make your salon experience a pleasurable and relaxing one.

We offer many treatments like pharmagel facials, hot stone therapy, body polish, men’s treatments, sparitual nail treatments, St Tropex tanning treatment to holiday packages.”

457 Hoylake Road
CH46 6DQ

Tel: 0151 677 9215

5 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty Therapy

  1. Hi, I was hoping you can help me out with some information. I am studying beauty therapy at college. Thing is I am a vegetarian, but I dont drink animal milk or add white sugar to food or drinks, and I will only use vegan skin care products, which the college doesnt have. Which has caused a bit of a problem. I was hopeing you could tell me of a vegan beauty suppliers/wholesalers that do vegan galvanic products, gel or cream? I dont mind I just dont want to be putting animal in my skin.

  2. Hi Antoinette,
    I used to own an online natural organic vegan online beauty store and I used to go direct to each supplier. Find the brand you want to use and go straight to them is the best bet. You can always try Suma wholesalers too. There are also done natural online beauty stores who may offer you wholesale prices but for the best result i would advise go direct. If you need brand names just let me know.
    Carrina x

    1. Hello, Thank you for getting back to me. I have just noticed that some of my message was missing. My problem is the college I am attending has no vegetarian or vegan alturnitives for their beauty products. 🙁 And have been made to feel uncomfortable by my tutor for saying that I dont want to have them used on myself. 🙁 Which has got me slightly doubting wether I am being stupid because of how she is being with me. I dont believe I am ,and I dont think I should have been put in that postion. I have been told to find some products to use for the galvanic treatment but I cant find any. I found vegan microdermabrastion products easily enogth, but not the galvanic gels. Do you know any brands at all for this treatment. please?
      Many thanks x

      1. You are not being stupid at all, you are doing the right thing and also creating awareness so well done! I personally don’t know what galvanic means but maybe you could try SpaRitual products and i have just found this on a website:
        I actually use a vegan product that I feel works well with the Galvanic Spa and it’s cheaper.

        I feel this is a must-have beauty product/gadget. If I had the money I would buy one for all my friends and family. Please note that I would encourage you to purchase the product directly from Nu Skin’s website as opposed to other online sites because Nu Skin does stand behind their products. Or you may be able to find a local distributor.

        I also found these which are being used in a vegan beauty salon in Wirral. I think they do a whole vegan range so it might be worth emailing them and asking which range they do is vegan:

        Hope this helps and if you have anymore questions you can email me direct at

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