Compassion In The Kitchen

Thanks to Hannah for spotting this.

Compassion in the Kitchen

Via Quaker Concern For Animals:

The Compassion in the Kitchen team comprises of three practising Buddhists who, having previously run successful retreats, decided to run several this year, starting May 14-16, at Anybody’s Barn near Malvern in Gloucestershire.

The event will feature hands-on, planet-friendly cooking with Jane Easton, seasoned with mindfulness meditation, workshops and study led by Barry Hill (Achintya) and Birgit Muller. You get to cook and eat tasty, animal-free recipes to support your care for the world, whatever your current dietary persuasion.

They welcome anyone who has some experience of meditation or sitting quietly.

Please see and click on Events/CITK Events/Bookings.

Or phone 0786 751 4118


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