Slaughterhouse Closes After Exposé By Animal Aid

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Pigs in the slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse accused of ‘unbearable cruelty’ closes

AN Essex slaughterhouse has been forced to close after secret filming inside it by animal welfare campaigners led to allegations of serious cruelty towards pigs.

A and G Barber, of Purleigh, used to kill a quarter of all cull sows in the UK. Its main buyer, said to be a German sausage manufacturer, cancelled its contract after viewing the footage, forcing the abattoir to close.

The abattoir was one of a number exposed in secret filming by Animal Aid earlier this year. The animal welfare group said the film, shot over three days in April, showed scenes of ‘extreme and deliberately-inflicted suffering’, including use of electric tongs on animals’ snouts, tails and in their mouths.

It said other breaches filmed include ‘incompetent and inadequate stunning’ for most of the 767 pigs filmed, stunned pigs left to regain consciousness, and pigs being routinely kicked in the face and hit in the face with shackle hooks.

One worker and the slaughterhouse operator still face prosecution.

Kate Fowler, Animal Aid’s head of campaign, criticised the failure of the regulatory system to pick up the abuses at an abattoir where veterinary inspectors were in attendance.

“It is appalling that the cruelties meted out to animals at A&G Barber were allowed to continue and that all regulatory systems failed to detect and stop the abuses,” she said.

“If Animal Aid hadn’t happened to film at the plant, we believe that workers would still be kicking, beating and causing deliberate suffering to pigs there. It is right and proper that companies who have seen our film shunned A&G Barber.”

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One thought on “Slaughterhouse Closes After Exposé By Animal Aid

  1. well, if this expose doesnt make people question the morality of eating meat then i doubt anything will. I do eat meat and although i didnt expect animal slaughter to be nice, this truly made my heart sink!
    All the buisiness found in breach of humane slaughter rules and regs must be punished severely. I have cut my meat comsumption by half and will continue to reduce over the coming months.

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