Grand National Demo: 9th April 2011

Grand National

Via the FAACE:

“A demonstration against the Grand National and horseracing in general will take place at the Aintree racetrack from 11.30 to 14.00,on Saturday 9th of April the day of the Grand National. We stand opposite the main entrance to the Aintree Racecourse on the A59. This is in front of the Aintree railway station entrance.

We will be there to protest against the cruelty to horses in the Grand National in particular and horse racing in general. Any one who feels that horseracing is wrong and is prepared to stand up and be counted with like-minded people.

Just turn up and be there. This is a peaceful demo. Bring a placard if you can but this is not necessary. We are able to talk to, or at the race-goers, with sometimes unusual responses! We have an arrangement with the police to stand in a prominent place with a good police presence so you will be quite safe.”

» Merseyside Animal Rights
» Horse Death Watch
» Animal Aid

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