Liverpool Raw Potluck – May Edition

raw food
What ?

What’s raw food? It’s pure, fresh food in its natural state that our bodies are designed to eat. Cooking food kills the enzymes in food that are essential to our health. Delicious food with maximum nutrition can be made with unprocessed, natural ingredients without subjecting it to high temperatures.

What’s a potluck? It’s a get-together where each person brings a dish to share.


Sunday 22nd May 2011, 1pm-4pm


Food from Nowhere Café, 96 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY

More info:

Raw food vegan potluck – a monthly get-together for people following or interested in a raw vegan diet, to inspire each other, swap recipes and tips and generally provide support to one another. Everyone brings a raw vegan dish to share!

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