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Nomination for The Vegan Society Awards

FRY'S Chicken Style Burgers

The nominations for the Vegan Society Awards 2011 are open and Beanie’s need your help…

Beanie’s Health Foods are one of the co-sponsors of ScouseVeg and they import FRY’S vegetarian/vegan products. One of those products, the Chicken Style Burgers won the Best Vegan Meat Replacement award at the Bristol Vegfest last month.

Now they are aiming to get this nominated for the Vegan Society Awards and need your assistance. If you have a moment please visit the Vegan Society Awards nomination page and submit the FRY’S Chicken Style Burgers for consideration. As well as that if you submit an entry your email address will be entered into a prize draw for a £100 hamper of vegan goodies.

Thank you for visiting and thank you to Beanie’s for once again sponsoring ScouseVeg.

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