Real Techniques Haul

Real Techniques Haul - Moving Scouse

It’s rare that a product raved about on nearly every beauty blog out there just so happens to be vegan, but with Real Techniques brushes, this is the case! That makes it even less forgivable that it has taken me until now to try them for myself. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve only recently started using brushes to do my makeup and have noticed that a good quality brush can make all the difference. So as a graduation present to myself, I decided to purchase three of the brushes and see what all the hype was about.

Real Techniques

All the brushes are a nice size, not too long and not too skinny. They lie in your hand really nicely, making precise application much easier than I’ve experienced in the past. They all have super soft animal-free bristles and the two larger ones stand up on their own, giving you the possibility of displaying them on your dresser! Superdrug stock a good range of the brand’s brushes and regularly have them on offer, so I would recommend having a look at their website if you’re planning to make a purchase!

Stippling Brush

First up is the Stippling Brush. This brush has a fairly petite head, which is good for those of us with small faces. I’ve been using this to apply powder, stippling it onto my face and then swirling the brush lightly to set it onto my skin. It works really well and it will definitely be replacing my old powder brush.

Shading Brush

After I found my e.l.f. eyeshadow c-brush a little large for my eyes, I decided to purchase the Shading Brush since it was a similar shape, but narrower. I can’t even tell you how in love I am with this, I think this might be my favourite of the bunch. I’ve been using it to apply my mineral eyeshadows and it leaves such a neat finish, blending the colours perfectly and applying product easily both to the lid and the crease. I think I might have to buy a second one of these, because it seems to be the only brush you need for eye makeup!

Expert Face BrushLast but not least, I purchased the Expert Face Brush. I’ve been using this with bronzer to contour, and I’m impressed by how well this does the job compared to the last brush I was using. Apart from fitting perfectly under my cheekbones, this also does an amazing job of blending bronzer. We’ve all seen people with two brown streaks in their faces as a ‘contour’, and it isn’t a good look. This brush makes the contour all but invisible, leaving a beautiful shadow effect, which is exactly what you want!

Overall, I’m very impressed with Real Techniques. I’ll definitely be purchasing the brand again, the questions is just which brush to invest in next! Any suggestions?