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As I’ve mentioned before, I have really sensitive, fussy skin. It is constantly breaking out, but always sore and sensitive. ‘Combination Skin’ is what you would usually call it, but trust me, it’s so much worse than regular combination skin. I have yet to find my personal miracle product to keep it completely clear, but several Lush products come pretty close.

Oatifix is one of those products. Made from banana, vanilla and oats, this has the smell and consistency of overnight oats! Although I don’t always fancy them for breakfast, I love their smell, so I’m more than happy to stick it on my face for half an hour. I’ve been using this product since my skin has decided to really go to town with all the stress before the wedding, and I’m hoping that a little oat magic will keep it in check until the wedding is over.

As with all Lush products, Oatifix leaves the skin feeling beautifully smooth and hydrated. However, it also leaves my skin feeling very soothed, with is currently the most important thing! I’m prone to really painful outbreaks of both spots and dry patches, and this product calms both issues right down, leaving my skin soft, dewy and clear. I think this is mostly due to the combination of ingredients, but also partly because the mask is stored in the fridge, and the coolness is really welcomed by my skin.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Oatifix to anyone who has fussy or painful skin. It doesn’t strip your skin of moisture at all and contains no harsh chemicals, but it still effectively tackles both spots and dry patches at the same time, while smelling good enough to eat. What’s not to like?

Have you got compacted skin? What do you do to keep it happy?


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