Honeymoon Series | Part 1 – Swanage

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Honeymoon Series - Part 1 - Swanage

Swanage 1

Swanage 2

Swanage 3

This path was outside our B&B, it was only a few feet away from the beach!

Swanage 4

Swanage 5

Swanage 6

Swanage 7

Swanage 8

Swanage 9

Swanage 10

Swanage 11

Swanage 12

Swanage 13

Swanage 14

Swanage 15

Swanage 16

Swanage 17

Swanage 18 Swanage 19

With all the costs affiliated with planning and having a fairly big wedding reception, Jake and I really didn’t think a honeymoon would be in the cards. His family disagreed, thinking (rightly so) that we would enjoy a little bit of time away, and decided to pay for us to visit the seaside town of Swanage, Dorset, during half-term. Jake’s family is originally from the quaint little place, and many of them still live there, with his mum and sister visiting at the same time as us. It was a lovely little break from reality, and I’m so grateful to have such amazing in-laws!

I’ve thought long and hard (not really) about how to put the whole thing onto the blog, as I’ve literally taken hundreds of photos and we had so many amazing experiences of which I’d like to share at least a few. To avoid one unreadable and lengthy post, I’ve decided to break the whole thing up into several pieces, organised by location. The first, of course, will be Swanage itself!

We stayed at The Sands B&B, which is completely vegetarian and rather lovely. We had a great time chatting to our host each morning while we had breakfast! My only complaint would be that the walls were rather thin, and at one point we felt like the people in the next room were actually in our bedroom with us, we could hear their conversation that clearly! The Sands will be changing over the next few months, as they have sold the accommodation flat and will be building a small guesthouse in their garden instead. I hope to go back some day and see what it’s like!

One of the best things about our B&B was that it was literally meters away from the beach. We had incredibly good luck with the weather and spend several hours each day walking along the sea with the dog and family. There were even people out swimming, clearly enjoying the unusally warm half term! I think that would have been a bit too hardcore even for me though.

We didn’t manage to visit all the cafes we wanted to, unfortunately, as we simply ran out of time. We’ve heard that there a quite a few veggie and vegan options around town though, and we particularly enjoyed Earthlights. They serve a hummous baguette and a hummous salad (both vegan), as well as a killer soya latte. I think it was the best coffee I’d ever tasted!

I was so sad to leave on Wednesday, and we’re really hoping to be able to come down again soon. It was lovely to spend some time relaxing with family after the stressful (but so worth it) wedding period!


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