Honeymoon Series | Part 2 – Corfe

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Honeymoon Series - Part 2 - Corfe

Welcome back to my Swanage Series! On Monday, we decided to take a little day trip to the nearby village of Corfe. Jake’s auntie is an artist, and she displays and sells her work at the Boilerhouse Gallery, which is right next to the station. We hopped on the historic steam train and went to visit her!

I was so impressed by her artwork. We already have a few of her pieces in our flat, but every time I see her work I just can’t get over how talented she and her fellow exhibitors are! If you’re ever in the area and are looking for something individual and inspired for your home, you really should pay them a visit. Alternatively, I think they sell online, too.

Afterwards, the 15 (!) of us went in search of somewhere to have lunch. We ended up finding a lovely pub with an gorgeous garden and a brilliant view of Corfe Castle, which I’m hoping to visit in the future. We kind of had to compromise a little, since there weren’t really any vegan options, so if we go again in the future, I think we would take a packed lunch.

The village itself is incredibly picturesque, it’s almost unreal. I just couldn’t stop looking around! It was such a change to the North-West landscape I usually have around me.

Have you ever been to Corfe? What did you think of your trip?

The Boilerhouse Corfe

Take the Train to the Boilerhouse Gallery

Jane Colquhoun Ice Cream Van & Anchor

Jane Colquhoun Chicken Mosaic

Independen Art Dorset

Handmade Earrings

Eliza Jayne Ceramis Earrings

Corfe Station

Corfe Station 2

Corfe Dorset

Corfe Castle

Ceramic Footprints

Ceramic Butterflies

Boilerhouse Gallery Corfe



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