New Veggie/Vegan Cafe In Woolton Village

If you are on a trip south of the city and you find yourself a bit hungry, this place is worth a visit:

The Old Hardware Shop - Woolton Village

Yes that’s right, the OLD Hardware Shop. The location is now a vegetarian and vegan only cafe !

They serve veggie versions of traditional cafe shop items – and they can do vegan versions too.

Niki and her Dad went there recently and here are some pics:

Niki says about the visit:

We had milkshakes, I had the hotdog with salad, pops had a big fat toastie with salad, washed down with an apple juice, then a chocolate tiffin with ice cream!!!

They’ve only been open a few weeks and are still seeing which opening hours are the best, so check on their Facebook page before heading out.

May 2015 Update:

I’m happy to report that the Old Hardware Shop is still going strong, but a couple of notes on their opening hours:

» The are CLOSED on Sundays and Mondays now.

As mentioned above, check their Facebook before heading out.

– There’s an entry for them on the ScouseVeg » Eating Out section, so if you’ve been recently leave a comment on their page and let other veggies/vegans know what it is like:

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The Old Hardware Shop, Woolton Village, Liverpool