2015 -Resolutions and Reflections


On the last day of the first month of 2015, I am finally posting my resolutions for this year, along with a reflection of last year. I’ve given myself quite a while to put this together, because I’ve decided that this year’s goals will have a bit of a different flavour than last year’s and I didn’t want to feel any pressure in deciding on them.

I feel like 2014 was all about achievement. I worked my arse off, got result after result after result and while the whole thing was incredibly rewarding, I now feel washed out and tired. In last year’s resolution post, I decided that 2014 would be the year I would:

1.  Be kinder
2. Be healthier
3. Run 10k
4. Finish my degree

I’m not sure whether I really was kinder, but I certainly tried. And I will keep trying, because you can always be kinder! I’ve definitely become a bit healthier, but not as healthy as I would like, as it took a backseat while I pushed myself towards success. I definitely trained myself up to a 10k, and I’ll be running another one with Adele this May! Finally, I finished my degree with first class honours, started a part-time MA and landed a full-time job. I’m incredibly proud of those achievements, but pursuing them has also drained me, so 2015, I have decided, will be a year in which success is less important, and my health, wellbeing and happiness takes centre stage. Thus, my resolutions for this year are as follows:

1. Enjoy being a newly wed. I’m not setting expectations or time frames to this one, I just want to enjoy each day as it comes.
2. Learn to eat clean, without trying to cheat all the time.
3. Keep running. Keep working out. Keep going to Yoga & Pilates.
4. Be happy with where I am at the moment, knowing that the present does not solely exist to shape the future.

And there we are! I’m so incredibly happy with my life at the moment, but I feel that this is often overshadowed by feeling stressed and worried about work, uni and the future. While I don’t want to stop being a high achiever (that’s just who I am haha), I do want to become more relaxed and learn to allow myself to enjoy life and be mindful of the moment. 2014 was an incredibly but insanely stressful year. 2015 will aim to let go of the stress and pressure. I love having goals to work towards and I think that they are an incredibly useful tool in making positive change and progress, but I feel like the positive change this year need to be rooted in calm and flexibility rather than pressure and rigid timetables. Posting my resolutions a full month too late is the first step towards that goal.

Have you made any resolutions for 2015?


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