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Lush Bubbleroon Review

Lush Orange Bubbleroon


I’ve got another Lush review for you today! I’m trying really hard to catch up with a backlog of posts while I get myself back into the blogging groove, so bear with me if things seem a little unbalanced over here for a little while.

I’ve a huge fan of bubble baths, and, as you probably know yourself, no bath products leave your skin feeling quite as smooth and supple as the ones found on the gorgeously arranged shelves of everyone’s favourite vegan-friendly luxury cosmetics store.

The Orange Bubbleroon is absolutely no exception. It isn’t huge, meaning that the price tag of £3.65 seems a little excessive at first. However, you can twist the two sides apart (the way you would when eating an Oreo… no? Just me?) and easily get to ample baths full of beautifully-scented bubbles from it.

Filled with coconut oil, shea butter and citrus oils, this particular Bubbleroon is both soothing and refreshing at the same time. While I prefer to have baths in the evening to help me drift off to sleep, I can easily imagine using the product in the morning for a gentle wake-up bath.

It’s taken me a little while to take the plunge and buy a Bubbleroon, although I’m not entirely sure why. perhaps the size-price ratio was putting me off a little. However, I’m glad I finally did, because I’ll certainly be buying it again!

Have you ever stayed away from a product, only to find that you really like it when finally giving it a chance?


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